Quality Policy

We Al Fatth Engineering & Mechanical Metal Works are committed to consistently provide quality level services that meet the needs and expectation of our customers. This we will achieve by taking following as our business principles: Quality assurance is the essence of all works undertaken by Al Fatth and is implemented by all staff members. Quality management programs are implemented at all levels of business and are regularly reviewed time to time. Modern techniques and controls are implemented to assure compliance with the agreed requirements, which includes acquisition of new equipments, testing techniques etc. We adhere to applicable regulatory, legal and industry standards and best practices. We systematically measure, monitor, review and take effective actions to mitigate adverse impacts and enhance positive impacts on the quality of our products & services. We achieve the above, measurable objectives and targets have been established at all pertinent functions of the company and these objectives shall be reviewed time to time. We believe in and support the principles of continuous improvement, prevention methods and corrective actions in all areas of our operation. We rely on coordinated efforts by our employees and suppliers to achieve these goals. We are putting our best efforts every time for in time completion of jobs, never compromising on quality & safety.